Welcome to #FASFriday



     Greetings FAS Family! Welcome to our first #FASFriday blog entry.  2015 is going to be a roller coaster of a year, so we wanted you guys to stay as up to date as possible with all of the happenings. Here we will be posting a more in-depth look into our daily lives, upcoming events, random thought processes, and a more thorough outlet in which we can share the heartbeat of For A Season. 

 As most of you know, we have been hard at work with our very first full length album. We cannot begin to share how excited we are for this milestone in our journey. 

    The entire process so far has been incredible. We started recording in early November at Stone Mountain GA. Just being around amazing production, and engineering minds have challenged us to grow in so many ways. We were challenged musically, lyrically, artistically and relationally. We are proud to say that this is our best yet. Currently we are in the mixing and mastering phase of the album. As the songs are developing, we are growing more and more excited for the day you are able to hear them. All we can say is... We really hope you like Sitar. Just kidding... We weren’t that experimental. 

 This has been an unusual year for a lot of us. God has been opening up so many doors, but more importantly, has been growing us in so many ways. I feel that (no pun intended), there really are “Seasons” that we are assigned to walk through. And make no mistake about it... God often surrounds us with others that are growing in similar ways. These people are there to sharpen us, and are also there for us to reciprocate that growth. - (Proverbs 27:17) “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”  I have been privileged  (i guess.....)  to go through a growing season over the last six months. Getting married will do that!  Along with my new bride, the guys in FAS have been used to mold me more to His purpose. For that I am grateful. Look around you to see who God may have placed in your life this season to take you the next few steps in your adventure with Him. 

 Another thought, same vein: Often times we are brought temporarily into the life of someone else to encourage, and challenge them. In this passing, and crossing of paths, God calls us to be his hands and feet. Just this week, I am reminded of a similar situation that really touched me. I’m going to brag on our guitarist Derrick for a moment. Our resident goof ball, Derrick; who is renown for his antics and infectious humor, on and off the stage was recently with family up in the blizzardy white northern tundra. One evening, he was visiting a friend of his grandfather’s. He will most likely never run into this person again, but he chose then and there to make a difference in someones life by encourage them. I urge you to read the story at the link posted. It is also located on our FB page. https://www.facebook.com/foraseason


 Often times, even in service, we tend to subconsciously ask ourselves..”What can this person even do for me?” or.. “Why should I help them?” That is the human nature way of things. The truth is..We are called to be that difference maker, and that world changer; even if only for a single person in a single moment of time. This act reminded me that we as a band have the big stage for only small amounts of time. Is a difference made there? Of course. But the greatest difference is what you decide to invest into a single someone in your daily life. 


For A Season.