The Dress is Blue!



The Dress Is Blue! The Dress Is Blue!

Happy Friday everyone! 

    It has been one of those weeks where everything has seemed to work against me, and most everyone I know. Even this morning, as I sit in my office, ready to publish a well thought out, and idea provoking concept of the week.... my server shuts down and deletes everything I’ve worked on.

    I took a moment.. made some coffee...visited the punching bag in the back room, and after a few minutes, I realized that worse things could have happened.  In fact, many people who I am surrounded by on a daily basis are probably going through unbelievably, life altering difficulties that I choose to ignore out of the intentional busyness of my life. Man.... I’m missing out on some of the most important parts of this life. I am missing out on the amazing opportunity to actually be involved in someone else’s REAL struggles, rather than my superficial, relatively non consequential speed bumps that are occasionally an “issue”. 

    After my short lived meltdown, someone came to mind that I had seen going through a real tribulation on social media. I sent them a message, and before too long was on the phone with them offering some advice, and praying through the situation with them.    After hanging up and reflecting on the matter, I had felt as if I actually made a difference. Even in the moment of solidarity and support, I pulled myself away from my own problems for a while, and was able to help resolve someone else’s. 

How often does this happen? We are so wrapped up in ourselves these days, more so than ever. We are such a self absorbed society, that we frequently, and habitually ignore other peoples hardships. The truth is, we are supposed to be the ones that support them through those times. 

    This weeks challenge is simple. Take a minute, and call someone. Hit them up on FB, Twitter, Carrier Pigeon... however you need to, and spend some quality time connecting with them this weekend.    AHHHH the church-y word. “Connect”... Siggghhhh.. But seriously... it could mean the world to someone. It also can’t hurt to take your mind off of your own problems for a while, and help someone with theirs. They may even return the favor. Besides, we aren’t meant to live this life alone. We ned to be there for each other! 

P.S.  The dress is Black and Blue. 

Patrick Wilke

For A Season