It's here! An #FASFriday that even Rebecca Black would be proud of.    

    We have several things to cover today. First and foremost, if you missed it, we released our “Studio Sessions” as a free download earlier in the week. And yes, they are still available for the low price of FREE 

   During the writing process of our upcoming full length album, we wrote an abundance of material. This gives us the most to work with. We are able to see what fits together, what flows, and which songs offer the best opportunity for a blazing guitar solo while Brian and I are surrounded by pyrotechnic acrobatic-ry (not a real word). As a result, all of that material will not be featured. But since we still love the songs, we want you to be able to get a small taste, and hear some of what was written. We hope you enjoy them! And please, share them with a friend! 

    As we gear up towards releasing the album, we will keep you informed on the timeline, as well as ways in which you can be a part of that release. We will have ticket giveaways, more music, videos, and merchandise goodies! 


  Ah, Commitment. what does that even mean? For some, the thought of a relationship. For others, it's being reliable and available to those friends and family that are closest to us. But alas! It is sadly becoming a dying art. It seems like an overflowing hypocrisy to even write about the matter because of my own struggles with it. I believe we all do to an extent. But it was an important, and abundant enough of a subject to dip our feet into at the least. 

   Of what value does your word hold? Are you consistent with your actions, and commitments? Can people count on you? I bring this up, because it seems more and more, that flakiness, shallowness, and a lack of intentionality seem to have permeated our culture. There was a time when a handshake, and a mans word was enough to seal the deal on a major purchase. That persons character and reputation was at stake if he did not follow through. Today we see a world filled with “Controversy”, Scandal, and Manipulation. It has become almost a favorite pastime to find ways in which to defame someones character, even if only for a few moments for our own entertainment. Just watch the news for five minutes, or scroll through Facebook. Enough is enough! 

    But what shall we commit to then? Steadfastness? Honor? Reliability? We don’t seem to talk about these things enough. But we can start to implement them again in our day to day life. Be a man, or woman of your word. Commit yourself to your relationships. This requires selflessness, sacrifice, and consistency.  But with those things comes the development of a better person. It literally becomes the habit of a steady soul. 

    Aristotle once said, “Men acquire a particular quality by constantly behaving in a particular become just by performing just actions, temperate by performing temperate actions, brave by performing brave actions.”  So by this, commit to commitment! Let your word be honorable and binding. And watch as your relationships and value deepen. 

-Patrick Wilke 

For A Season